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17 Dec, 2021 Posted by - Admin

Texas approves plan to mandate Tesla tech for EV chargers despite opposition

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) -Texas on Wednesday approved its plan to require companies to include Tesla's technology in electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to be eligible for federal funds, despite calls for more time to re-engineer and test the connectors.
The decision by Texas - the biggest recipient of a $5 billion program meant to electrify U.S. highways - is being closely watched by other states and is a step forward for Tesla CEO Elon Musk's plans to make its technology the U.S. charging standard.
Tesla's efforts are facing early tests as some states start rolling out the funds. The company won a slew of projects in Pennsylvania's first round of funding announced on Monday but none last month in Ohio.
Federal rules require companies to offer the rival Combined Charging System (CCS) - a U.S. standard that has been preferred by the Biden administration - as a minimum to be eligible for the funds.
But individual states can add their own requirements on top of CCS before distributing the federal funds at a local level.